A collection of papers on the subject of dredges and dredging

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Welcome to Willardsays.com, a high density-low velocity font of hydraulic dredging information. A kind of gritty version of "Hints from Heloise" on the subject of dredges, dredging and dredge operation.

For 36 years I have been observing, thinking about, dreaming about, designing, building, buying, selling and troubleshooting dredges and dredging equipment under the banners of Assemblers Inc and Twinkle Co. My goal has always been to advance the state of the art and find ways to make dredges more productive, efficient, durable and easy to maintain and operate.

All of this focused activity leads to the conclusion that I have experience and knowledge that could be useful to others. Anyone thinking of getting a dredge or those who already use dredges and dredging equipment should read something useful in these pages.

You will find practical information about every aspect of dredge application, design and operation. Some of the stories and events may be hard to believe, but they are all true. The names and places have been changed, but the events are related as they actually happened.

Additional material will be added in the future. If your specific question or concern is not covered please ask for it. If you have a question, comment or complaint please feel free to contact us.

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